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160 Serving Mixed Milk Bucket

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160 Serving Mixed Milk Bucket

With the Legacy Premium assortment pack you can sample some fabulous food storage meals that will knock your socks off. Experience for yourself the flavorful convenience of Legacy food storage. Enjoy 16 servings of four freeze dried meals that store long term and taste great; simply add water to reconstitute. This freeze dried meal assortment is sealed in four Mylar pouches with four servings in each; food storage sample pack has up to a 25-year shelf life.

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The Mixed Milk Bucket is a 160 serving package of mouthwatering Legacy Premium Milk and Chocolate Milk. Enjoy delicious taste, high nutritional value and a little variety in your food storage. Perfect for breakfast, lunch, dinner or whenever you want to have a refreshing glass of milk. Simple to prepare, perfect for long-term storage or everyday usage.  With up to a 10-15 year shelf-life, the mixed powdered milk bucket from Legacy Premium is a wonderful addition to any emergency food storare supply.
10-15 Year Shelf Life, High in Fiber, Low Cholestrol, Low Fat, Low Sodium, Made in the USA, Nitrogen Flushed Pouches, Oxygen Absorbers, Uses Sea Salt, Vegetarian Friendly, No MSG Added, No Trans Fats,No HFCS

Details & Specs

Long Term Mixed Milk Powdered Food Storage 

Outside of owning a cow, the Legacy Premium Mixed Milk Bucket is the best solution to ensuring your long term emergency supplies are stocked full of delicious, nutritious milk.  And with the mixed package, regular and chocolate milk are supplied in equal measure.  Enjoy 80 servings of both regular and chocolate milk, both packaged to last up to 10-15 years for a true, long-term food storage plan.  

Dehydrated milk is an excellent addition to an emergency food supply.  Milk is loaded with essential nutrients that will help provide your body with the necessary energy to get through a survival or emergency situation.  Kids will love having some familiar comforts with a glass of regular or delicious chocolate milk.  Most people love the taste of Legacy Premium powdered milk mixes that drinking them becomes a regular, daily occurance.  

Long term emergency milk and chocolate milk are delicious, last up to 10-15 years, and provide a healthy drink option to improve your water during a disaster.  With USDA Grade "A" powdered milk, you won't find a higher quality or better tasting milk option in the emergency food world.  And our chocolate milk proudly uses Ghiradelli chocolate for a true, wonderful tasting beverage that everyone loves.  Emergency preparedness has never tasted so good!

160 Serving Mixed Milk Bucket
Avg. Calories per Serving110
Total Calories17,600
Shelf Life10-15 Years
Residual O2 Content0.11%
ConfigurationPouches in Bucket
Medium Buckets-
Small Buckets1
Loose Pouches-
Total Pouches20
Weight15 Pounds (lb)
Total Dimensions.66 Cubic Feet
Shipping ConfigurationBox

What's Included

The 160 Serving Mixed Milk Bucket from Legacy Premium includes USDA Grade "A" Powdered Milk and Chocolate Milk drink mixes (80 servings each). For nutritional information on each drink mix, please scroll down to the "Nutritional Information" section below.

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