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56 Hearty Serving Pasta Bucket

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56 Hearty Serving Pasta Bucket

With the Legacy Premium assortment pack you can sample some fabulous food storage meals that will knock your socks off. Experience for yourself the flavorful convenience of Legacy food storage. Enjoy 16 servings of four freeze dried meals that store long term and taste great; simply add water to reconstitute. This freeze dried meal assortment is sealed in four Mylar pouches with four servings in each; food storage sample pack has up to a 25-year shelf life.

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Looking to add delicious, filling meals to your long term emergency food supplies? Look no further than the 56 Hearty Serving Pasta Bucket by Legacy Food Storage. Enjoy 4 incredibly tasty pasta dishes, made to fill you and your family up in case of disaster. Don't go hungry in an emergency, let Legacy's hearty pasta dishes keep you satisfied and full. Averaging 360 calories per serving, this 56-serving bucket is the perfect grab and go emergency food solution. 
Long Term Shelf Life, Non-GMO, High in Fiber, Low Cholesterol, Low Fat, Low Sodium, Made in the USA, Nitrogen Flushed Pouches, Oxygen Absorbers, Uses Sea Salt, Vegetarian Friendly, No MSG Added, No Trans Fats, No HFCS

Details & Specs

Delicious, Hearty Pasta Dishes.

Pasta is delicious! And having a ready supply of pasta dishes that only require boiling water in your emergency supplies will make any emergency situation better. The 56 Hearty Serving Pasta Bucket from Legacy Premium is the perfect answer for adding healthy, filling meals to your emergency rations. These pasta dishes are Non-GMO, packaged for long term shelf life, simple to prepare, and incredibly tasty. Adding a couple of these buckets to your food supply will help you thrive in a disaster situation, giving you the needed sustenance and energy to push through the challenges you might be facing. 

Weighing in right at 16 lbs, this lightweight BPA-free bucket is a great food solution in case you need to run out of the house for an emergency, just grab this bucket and go. Designed for quick access and simple preparation, each food pouch contains 4 servings and is made by simply boiling water and stirring. The pouches are machine sealed, with a nitrogen flush and an oxygen absorber added at the perfect time to ensure that your food will last for many years to come.

Add a few of these awesome food packages to your emergency supplies, you won't be disappointed.

60 Serving Entree Bucket
Servings56 Hearty Servings
Avg. Calories per Serving360
Total Calories20,160
2,000 Calorie Days10.08
Cost per LB$9.94
Cost per 2000 Calories$15.77
Residual O2 Content0.11%
ConfigurationPouches in Buckets
Large Buckets-
Medium Buckets1
Small Buckets-
Loose Pouches-
Total Pouches14
Weight16.00 Pounds (lb)
Total Dimensions1.23 Cubic Feet
Shipping ConfigurationBoxes

Compare This Package

See how Legacy Premium food storage stacks up against the competition! In almost ever case, our product provides better value against our competitors. We've taken the closest matching package from a few of our competitors and consolidated the information here for you to see.

Package Name 56 Serving
Entree Bucket
60 Serving
Entree Only
120 Serving
Lunch/Dinner Bucket
120 Serving
Entree Bucket
Cost with Shipping $159.00 $160.86 $235.98 $183.00
Calories 20,160 14,380 26,390 20,910
Average Calories per Serving 360 240 220 190
Cost per 2000 Calories $15.90 $22.37 $17.88 $17.50
Cost per LB $9.94 $13.41 Unknown $20.33
Weight (lb) 16.00 lb 12 lb Undisclosed 9 lb
Meal Selection 4 Entrees 8 Entrees 7 Entrees 7 Entrees

What's Included

The 56 Hearty Serving Pasta Bucket from Legacy Premium includes 4 different entrees (56 servings total). For nutritional information on each meal, please scroll down to the "Nutritional Information" section below.

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