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emergency food group discount

Emergency Food Storage Group Discounts

4320-Serving.jpgPreparewise is now offering discounts on group purchases of Legacy emergency food supply products. If you are interested in learning about our group buy discounts, please call us at 888-545-6265, or fill out the form to the right, and we will contact you with details. 

We offer group buying discounts for:

•  Church Groups
•  Multi-Family Purchases (friends, family, neighbors)
•  Nursing Homes
•  Colleges
•  Fundraisers
•  Government & Municipalities
•  Businesses
•  Non-Profits
•  And more...

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How does the group discount work?

A: The more buckets you buy with your group the lower the price per bucket.

Q: Can you ship to multiple places?

A: All buckets will be shipped to one location and can then be distributed to group members by the recipient.

Q: My group isn’t very large… is it worth contacting you for a discount?

A: Absolutely. Even if your group is simply two neighbors combining to purchase an emergency food supply together we can help. Larger orders will qualify for bigger discounts.

Q: Will each bucket have the same contents?

A: Yes, this allows for easy distribution to group members without having to determine whose bucket is whose.

Please call 888-545-6265 or fill out this form for more information.