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Smart Packaging, Easy Storage

Intelligent Packaging & Easy Storage


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Intelligent Packaging

If food storage products are to be portable and last for many years, they have to be expertly packaged. Unlike many bulk emergency food products, Legacy Premium’s masterful packaging process ensures that its bulk food will last even in very long-term storage. We begin by placing 4 servings of a prepared meal in a Mylar foil pouch and removing residual oxygen until levels are well below 2%. At this point, we take two crucial measures to ensure longevity of the product: the insertion of an oxygen absorber and the performance of a nitrogen flush. Finally, we triple-seal the Mylar pouch and place it with other Mylar pouches in our signature lightweight, portable bucket. Interested in our Quality Control Process? Click Here.

Legacy Premium’s storage method is ideal because not only does it keep emergency food products fresh long term, it also makes food storage portable and easy to use. Many traditional bulk emergency foods are a far cry from portable, and they often aren’t very practical either. For example, often when you open a bulk can or bucket, you have to hurry to consume the contents of the bucket before the product spoils. This means you eat the same thing for every meal several days in a row. With Legacy Premium’s 4-serving pouches, it’s easy to take a pouch from the bucket to feed the family a meal without affecting the other pouches in the bucket. It’s bulk food storage at its most intelligent.

Smart Packaging for Portable, Easy Storage

Legacy Premium’s bulk food products come in BPA-free plastic buckets that are highly portable and easy to store. With each bulk meal weighing in at an average of only 4 ounces, the buckets are extremely lightweight and easy to move around. They are also compact and stack well on top of one another, meaning it’s easy to find a place in your home to dedicate to storage of your emergency food.

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PrepareWise wants to make sure that our customers are getting the most value possible for their hard earned money. Not all food storage is created equal and after extensive research into all of the different brands of food storage, we chose Legacy Premium, because of the benefits it offers to our loyal customers.
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