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Bulk Specialty Items Food Storage

  • Dehydrated Elbow Macaroni
    Dehydrated Elbow Macaroni
    $40.00 $29.00
    Legacy Essentials dehydrated elbow macaroni is a nutritious base for many survival prepper meals. Elbow macaroni is useful in soups, casseroles and pasta dishes/salads, to name a few. Dehydrated macaroni adds protein and...
  • Instant Mashed Potatoes
    Instant Mashed Potatoes
    $40.00 $29.00
    Our freeze-dried instant mashed potatoes are part of the Legacy Essentials line of emergency food storage products. These products set the bar high for emergency food storage products across the industry. Because they are...
  • Steel Cut Oats
    Steel Cut Oats
    $35.00 $27.00
    With so many different health issues a rising, it is more important now than ever to make sure you and your families eat healthy foods. Not only do you want to eat healthy on an everyday basis, but also in an emergency...
  • Bulk Dehydrated Powdered Cheese
    Bulk Dehydrated Powdered Cheese
    $40.00 $29.00
    Legacy dehydrated cheese powder will be a valuable addition to your supply of emergency bulk foods. When you need delicious cheese flavor (made from real cheese) in soup, pasta or even on your popcorn, easily add dry...
  • Dehydrated Chopped Onion Supply
    Dehydrated Chopped Onion Supply
    $40.00 $29.00
    Who doesn’t want the unique and savory flavor of chopped onion, minus the tears? Legacy Essentials onion supply is made from premium white onions that have been washed, trimmed, chopped and dehydrated...
  • Dehydrated Egg Noodles
    Dehydrated Egg Noodles
    $34.00 $26.00
    Legacy Essentials dehydrated egg noodles are a popular item for survival preppers of all ages. Egg noodles are a yummy survival food and you can make them in less than ten minutes.  Noodles add protein and iron. Create...
  • Freeze Dried Vegetable Mix
    Freeze Dried Vegetable Mix
    $42.00 $34.00
    If you are looking to add variety and good nutrition to your prepper survival food storage, freeze-dried mixed vegetables from Legacy Essentials is a fantastic solution. Carrots, tomatoes, peas, corn, and bell...
  • Long Term Powdered Honey
    Long Term Powdered Honey
    $40.00 $29.00
    Legacy Essentials has thought of everything to make your long-term emergency food storage compete. Legacy now offers long-term powdered honey as a great alternative to sugar. Legacy powdered honey will be...
  • Powdered Peanut Butter
    Powdered Peanut Butter
    $40.00 $29.00
    Stocking your food storage with foods your family likes, will ensure your family will enjoy what they are eating in an emergency. A lot of families love the taste of smooth, creamy peanut butter, but don’t think to...
  • Survival Blueberry Pancake Mix Supply
    Survival Blueberry Pancake Mix Supply
    $40.00 $29.00
    Disaster preppers and survival supply gurus will delight inLegacy Essentials blueberry pancake mix and other survival foods that Legacy offers. Blueberry pancake mix is packed with calcium, iron and...
  • Assorted Freeze-Dried / Dehydrated Sides
    Assorted Freeze-Dried / Dehydrated Sides
    $140.00 $125.00
    The Legacy Premium side dish assortment will add life to your food storage in delicious, fun ways. Add healthy food storage options with 6 different dehydrated/freeze dried sides and multiple...
  • Freeze Dried Assorted Fruit Mix
    Freeze Dried Assorted Fruit Mix
    $220.00 $198.00
    Having a long term emergency storage supply will help you be prepared in case of a bug in situation. Freeze dried fruit will help balance your family’s diet whether you are in an emergency situation, camping out,...

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