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Bulk Vegetables Food Storage

  • Freeze Dried Asparagus
    Freeze Dried Asparagus
    $55.00 $46.00
    When you add Legacy’s freeze-dried asparagus to your prepper supply, you get the lowest price per calorie when compared to any survival food in the prepper industry. This means you can get more hearty, healthy fare to...
  • Freeze Dried Broccoli
    Freeze Dried Broccoli
    $40.00 $29.00
    A well-balanced survival food supply includes not only hearty meals but also nutritious fruits and vegetables as well. Legacy’s freeze-dried broccoli florets add excellent nutrition to any prepper food supply. With...
  • Freeze Dried Green Beans
    Freeze Dried Green Beans
    $40.00 $29.00
    Build your emergency supply with bulk foods and be prepared for any emergency. A freeze dried green bean supply by Legacy Essentials will prove useful in so many ways. Green beans are full of vitamins and minerals and will...
  • Instant Mashed Potatoes
    Instant Mashed Potatoes
    $40.00 $29.00
    Our freeze-dried instant mashed potatoes are part of the Legacy Essentials line of emergency food storage products. These products set the bar high for emergency food storage products across the industry. Because they are...
  • Dehydrated Carrots
    Dehydrated Carrots
    $40.00 $29.00
    While other brands of survival prepper food might be full of unhealthy additives, Legacy’s dried food storage supply is created using fresh foods with no unnecessary preservatives or fillers. Legacy’s dehydrated...
  • Dehydrated Chopped Onion Supply
    Dehydrated Chopped Onion Supply
    $40.00 $29.00
    Who doesn’t want the unique and savory flavor of chopped onion, minus the tears? Legacy Essentials onion supply is made from premium white onions that have been washed, trimmed, chopped and dehydrated...
  • Dehydrated Hash Browns / Potato Dices
    Dehydrated Hash Browns / Potato Dices
    $40.00 $29.00
    Picture your family’s surprise when you serve yummy hash browns alongside your prepper storage meal. Dehydrated potato dices from Legacy Essentials go well with anything, even breakfast foods. Hash...
  • Freeze Dried Corn Supply
    Freeze Dried Corn Supply
    $40.00 $29.00
    Enjoy the sweet taste of corn on the cob whenever you want with an emergency survival supply of Legacy Essentials freeze-dried corn niblets. Corn is a healthy family favorite full of vitamins, folic acid and fiber...
  • Freeze Dried Vegetable Mix
    Freeze Dried Vegetable Mix
    $42.00 $34.00
    If you are looking to add variety and good nutrition to your prepper survival food storage, freeze-dried mixed vegetables from Legacy Essentials is a fantastic solution. Carrots, tomatoes, peas, corn, and bell...
  • Assorted Freeze-Dried / Dehydrated Sides
    Assorted Freeze-Dried / Dehydrated Sides
    $140.00 $125.00
    The Legacy Premium side dish assortment will add life to your food storage in delicious, fun ways. Add healthy food storage options with 6 different dehydrated/freeze dried sides and multiple...

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