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Legacy Long Term Food Storage

Find the best prices on Legacy company long term food storage. Compare Legacy long term food storage to any food storage option on a price per pound basis and you’ll find that Legacy is the best choice in long shelf life emergency food.

  • 183 Serving MEGA Sample Pack
    183 Serving MEGA Sample Pack
    $325.00 $285.00
    When you have a chance to sample the best-tasting and best-priced food storage around, jump on it! Legacy Premium dehydrated and freeze dried emergency food storage is delicious, nutritious and convenient to both make and...
  • 120 Serving Entree Bucket
    120 Serving Entree Bucket
    $325.00 $280.00
    This Legacy Premium package is a straight forward approach for building any long term emergency preparedness supply. With 19 different options for lunch and dinner the 120 serving entrée bucket...
  • 120 Serving Breakfast Bucket
    120 Serving Breakfast Bucket
    $265.00 $230.00
    Legacy Premium freeze dried breakfasts get you excited to wake up and eat. Each of the four different food storage breakfast options has ample calories to keep your family healthy and satiated. Survival breakfast...
  • 120 Serving Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner Bucket
    120 Serving Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner Bucket
    $300.00 $260.00
    Is your survivalist food supply looking a little bland? Select this 120-meal >Legacy Premium food storage bucket and have 4 different dehydrated breakfast options and 19 different lunch & dinner options...
  • Premium 240 Serving Package
    Premium 240 Serving Package
    $565.00 $490.00
    Both serious survivalists and those just beginning to collect food storage will benefit from our 240-serving supply of freeze-dried and dehydrated meals. With an average of 372 calories per serving, it's one of our most...
  • Premium 360 Serving Package
    Premium 360 Serving Package
    $830.00 $720.00
    Whether you are just getting started on your emergency preparation or your are a seasoned prepper, our 360 serving supply of freeze-dried meals is an excellent option for you. Expertly packaged, these freeze-dried meals are...
  • Premium 720 Serving Package
    Premium 720 Serving Package
    $1,650.00 $1,430.00
    Take the stress out of emergency preparedness with our 720-serving survival food buckets. Packed with a variety of tasty, gourmet freeze-dried meals, these buckets can supply one person 2000 calories per day for over 4...
  • Premium 1080 Serving Package
    Premium 1080 Serving Package
    $2,400.00 $2,090.00
    Our one-year supply of emergency food storage is the perfect place to start when preparing for survival situations.  With enough gourmet survival food to supply one person three meals a day for an entire year, this...
  • Premium 1440 Serving Package
    Premium 1440 Serving Package
    $3,100.00 $2,690.00
    With this deluxe freeze-dried food storage kit, you get well over 500,000 delicious, healthy calories for emergency storage. This package provides an enormous amount of premium food storage that's designed to fit in a small...
  • Premium 2160 Serving Package
    Premium 2160 Serving Package
    $4,464.99 $3,990.00
    With Legacy Premium's 2160-serving pack of premium freeze-dried survival food storage, you get your money's worth in delicious, healthy, and affordable bulk emergency food. This gourmet pack of storage meals will...
  • Premium 2880 Serving Package
    Premium 2880 Serving Package
    $5,995.00 $5,250.00
    Supply yourself with 1 years' worth of gourmet food storage when you purchase our 2880-serving supply of freeze-dried disaster food. When we say gourmet, we mean that with Legacy Premium in your pantry, your disaster...
  • Premium 4320 Serving Package
    Premium 4320 Serving Package
    $8,450.00 $7,640.00
    For the ultimate family supply of food, the 4320-serving food storage meal kit is the perfect way to complete your disaster preparedness supplies. With 19 different meals to choose from, this kit will supply your family...

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