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Bulk Freeze Dried Pineapple

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Bulk Freeze Dried Pineapple

With the Legacy Premium assortment pack you can sample some fabulous food storage meals that will knock your socks off. Experience for yourself the flavorful convenience of Legacy food storage. Enjoy 16 servings of four freeze dried meals that store long term and taste great; simply add water to reconstitute. This freeze dried meal assortment is sealed in four Mylar pouches with four servings in each; food storage sample pack has up to a 25-year shelf life.

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Add a whole new element to your bulk emergency food supply with Legacy Essentials’ delicious freeze-dried tropical pineapple. Pineapple is a nutritional powerhouse, providing over 80 different nutrients to keep your family healthy and strong during any emergency. Bulk freeze-dried pineapple will store for up to 10-15 years or more, making it an enjoyable and valuable addition to your bulk emergency supply. This popular fruit will be a welcome taste of summer any time of the year.
Package Information
Total Servings: 44
Serving Size: 1/4 cup (10g)
Total Calories: 1,760

Details & Specs

Bulk Pineapple Freeze Dried for Emergency Food Supply

Legacy Essentials doesn’t skimp on serving sizes or product value. Their bulk freeze-dried foods are made from high quality ingredients and sold at the lowest prices in the emergency preparedness industry. Legacy adds an oxygen absorber and nitrogen flush to each Mylar pouch filled with freeze-dried foods. Bulk emergency foods are vacuum-sealed to keep moisture, air and light out. Rest assured that your freeze-dried pineapple supply and other emergency foods will last on your shelf for up to 10-15 years or longer.

Juicy pineapple will be the most popular treat in your emergency food supply. Freeze-dried pineapple provides vitamin C, a huge immune system booster that will come in handy when living off your bulk emergency supply. Soak freeze-dried pineapple in cool water for 3-5 minutes and experience all the succulent flavors that this tasty fruit encompasses. Enjoy dried pineapple in trail mixes or in salads, salsa or smoothies. Pineapple will be a delightful addition to your bulk food supply.

Prepare your emergency food supply with wholesome and appetizing bulk freeze-dried foods from Legacy Essentials. Then add variety with yummy sides and snacks like amazing freeze-dried pineapple. Keep the monotony out of your bulk food supply and experience how handy this emergency food supply can be. Use on campouts, hikes or for an easy midweek meal. Bulk emergency foods are stored compactly in heavy-duty, stackable buckets.

Freeze Dried Pineapple Features -

  • Freeze Dried, High Quality Ingredients
  • Non-GMO
  • Resealable Bag
  • Food will last up to 1 year after breaking seal
  • Bag Stands Easily on a Shelf
  • Up to 10-15 year shelf Life
  • Great addition to your food storage or Perfect for Daily Use
  • Simple to Prepare - Just Add Water to Rehydrate

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