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Delicious, Easy-to-Prepare, Affordable Food Storage


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Emergency Preparation Made Delicious

Whether you use our food storage meals in your emergency preparation or as an easy-to-prepare meal on outdoor adventures, we guarantee you’ll enjoy their gourmet taste and variety.

Some might raise an eyebrow at the suggestion that a meal prepared from freeze-dried and dehydrated ingredients could be delicious. These skeptics haven’t tried Legacy Premium emergency meals. With a variety of tried and true recipes and high-quality ingredients, Legacy Premium’s gourmet line of chef-prepared survival entrees and breakfasts will quickly have you forgetting you’re eating food storage.

To get fantastic flavors in an easy-to-prepare emergency meal, you have to start with fresh and savory ingredients, but those flavors won’t last without proper preservation for long-term storage. Legacy Premium knows its stuff. Their unique freeze-drying and dehydrating process seals in all the original flavors and nutrients so that when you prepare a survival meal, it is just as delicious and nutritious as the day it was packaged.

Easy Preparation

Many survival foods are not very practical when it comes to actual preparation in an emergency. In contrast, our freeze-dried and dehydrated meals are an extremely easy method of cooking during emergency situations. Simply add a small amount of hot water, then wait 10-12 minutes for your meal to be ready. No ovens, grain grinders, or recipe books requiredLegacy Premium’s survival food storage is the ultimate in easy, convenient food preparation during survival situations.

Affordable Price

Gathering food storage to prepare for emergencies doesn’t have to be a wallet-emptying quest. Because PrepareWise has teamed up with Legacy Premium, we are able to offer an extremely low cost per serving while still maintaining high-quality survival food with a 25-year shelf life. This makes it easy for families everywhere to get started on their emergency preparation.

Gourmet Freeze Dried Meals
PrepareWise wants to make sure that our customers are getting the most value possible for their hard earned money. Not all food storage is created equal and after extensive research into all of the different brands of food storage, we chose Legacy Premium, because of the benefits it offers to our loyal customers.
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