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food storage reviews

Here at PrepareWise, we know that we have the best product, price, and customer service available online. Period. Don't just take our word for it....

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"I want to commend you on your fabulous customer service!! I purchased the 120 entree bucket and you sent me the wrong item.  I contacted you and spoke to customer service and he said he'd research the matter and get back to me, which he did the next day. The replacement entrees arrived today!! I am very impressed with your company as this is my first order!! There will be other orders, I assure you. Thanks again!!!"
-Richard S.
"What a wonderful and applicable name for a company that provides the means for survival and more! Preparing with Wisdom! We are re-inspired and motivated to follow counsel! Welcome to a company with common sense, and an uncommon professionalism! Blessings!"
-Loren J. via our Facebook Page
"Wonderful Site!"
-Judith M.
"Hi prepare wise guys! I happened to find your website the other day while preparing 72 hour bags for my son before the huge blizzard that shut down southeast Wisconsin. Thankful I found your site. I will definitely feel more prepared with a good food storage."
-April H. via our Facebook Page
"This is soooo cool. I hate having to re-stock the hurricane kit each year. This is so much easier..."
-Kelly M.
"Been looking into food storage and kept thinking all the cans, rotation, 25 lbs of pintos didn't seem real appetizing. Glad I found you."
-Ginna C. via our Facebook Page
"I have been storing food for a number of years. I believe this is a much easier way to go. I especially like the little stove. Thanks."
-Donna T. via our Facebook Page
"I'M A FAN!!! I love the fact that you can just add water and the food is ready. I think in emergency situations that this is the best way to go. You can focus on taking care of your family and not worrying about how to prepare a meal from scratch (maybe that makes me a bad homemaker "
-Rachel A.
"Great site! Thanks for your effort to help us prepare!"
-Frank D.
"Glad I found you. Thanks for helping us be prepared."
-Carolyn M.
"I love your product, glad your on facebook!"
-Stacia E. via our Facebook Page
"Love the site, I'm always interested in new storage ideas, with soon to be five kids under six years old, we go through a lot of food."
-Heather F. via our Facebook Page
"I've been slowing working on my food storage. Glad I found you!"
-Cheri Y.
"You are doing a very good thing, most of us want to be prepared for emergencies and don't know how. Thank you!"
-Sue N. via our Facebook Page
"Nice site and nice products. It's great to have another company offering quality prep products in the marketplace."
-Lawrence R.
"Great website and products!"
-Liz R. via our Facebook Page
"This is a great site!"
-Marsha L. via our Facebook Page
"This is so great. Love your site. I am so excited about your site"
-Ann H.
"Glad to have found you!"
-Michael W. via our Facebook Page
"Love your site!"
-Karen C.
"So glad to find another great site. We've been away from preparing for too long, and it's exciting to see all of the new products."
-Jennifer R.
"Love your site, so glad I found it...I will definitely have to share it!!!!"
-Wylene M. via our Facebook Page
"No better way to be prepared then food storage. Preparewise.com, love it!"
-Nicole S.
"Just started building our food storage last year! It's so much fun and SO reassuring in today's economy- especially since we have a 3 and 2 year old."
-Lora Ann R. via our Facebook Page
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