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Ultimate Seeds Kit - Fruit, Herb, Medicinal, and Vegetable Garden Kit

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Ultimate Seeds Kit - Fruit, Herb, Medicinal, and Vegetable Garden Kit

With the Legacy Premium assortment pack you can sample some fabulous food storage meals that will knock your socks off. Experience for yourself the flavorful convenience of Legacy food storage. Enjoy 16 servings of four freeze dried meals that store long term and taste great; simply add water to reconstitute. This freeze dried meal assortment is sealed in four Mylar pouches with four servings in each; food storage sample pack has up to a 25-year shelf life.

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You can build the emergency survival supply of your dreams with a little help from Legacy Essentials. Add a fruit and vegetable seed garden collection to your storage supply. This ultimate seed collection also includes cooking and medicinal herb seeds. In your time of need you will be able to grow all the necessities to sustain life, right in your own garden. Enjoy homegrown, non-GMO fruits and vegetables. Emergency survival seeds store for five years.
Package Information
Open-Pollinated Non-GMO Heirlooms
Long-term, 5+ Year Storage
High Germination Rates 
Growing Guide Included

Details & Specs

Ultimate Emergency Fruit and Vegetable Garden Survival Seed Collection

Legacy’s survival seed collection delivers full garden potential to your emergency supply. Fruit, vegetable, herb and medicinal seeds are packaged by individual variety then triple-sealed in re-sealable Mylar for long-term storage. Survival seeds have been selected for their ability to grow in all regions, for their high nutritional value and high germination rates. Look no further than your backyard garden to provide your family an endless collection of fresh fruits and vegetables during an emergency survival situation.

Plan your survival fruit and vegetable garden to include a wide collection of popular varieties along with valuable cooking and medicinal herbs. Legacy’s emergency storage seeds have been specially prepared for extended shelf life. Also included is a vital growing and seed saving guide. Yield maximum crops with minimal effort by learning to plant, care, harvest and collect the fruit and vegetable seeds in this emergency survival garden seed collection.

Fresh fruits and vegetables will be a welcome sight alongside storage foods and staples. By storing this comprehensive survival seed collection as part of your emergency supply you will be prepared to grow a life-sustaining garden. In it you will have fruits and vegetables, cooking herbs and also medicinal herbs to assist with ailments. It might not be feasible or affordable to go to a doctor in a dire emergency situation. Increase probability for survival with garden storage seeds.

Included Seeds - 



Ultimate Survival Seeds Kit Features - 

  • Specially Dried & Sealed for Maximum Storage Life
  • Store in a cool, dry place
  • 5 Year shelf life with germination rates over 80%
  • Up to 15 years with germination rates over 50%
  • Store in Freezer to further extend storage life
  • Open-pollinated seeds - Recover and save seeds
  • Heirloom seeds
  • Non-GMO
  • Sealed in double thick mylar
  • Re-sealed in pest resistant bucket
  • Growing Guide Included

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